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Fluid deliveries are winning the hearts of ecommerce consumers

How many times have you waited for the FedEx guy to come – to your home or to your office? Do you recall that irritable chore of booking a delivery slot, only to be bound by that fixed block of time in your Google calendar? This Christmas, rejoice, because your e-shopping order will find you, wherever you are!

After a roaring success of using digital keys to deliver parcels to individual Volvo passenger cars in Sweden, H&M has announced a roll-out of the initiative to all EU countries where it has stores. After tracking the location of the vehicle, H&M will securely open the trunk, load your purchased goods in the car, lock-up and leave.

However, instead of delivering to Volvo cars alone, owners of Volkswagens, Renaults and Peugeots (models released since 2010) will also be able to make use of the service. At the moment, the free delivery service is available if your car is parked within 50km of an H&M store. Anything more than that and you still need a fixed address at a fixed time.

Rumours are also doing the rounds that shoppers will soon be able to opt-in to delivery by mobile-phone-tracking – which means your phone must be on you, but these days that’s no problem, is it? And there’s no risk of a drone dropping a parcel on your head, because it’s still human-handed to you.

With these developments in elastic logistics, online and mobile shopping is really starting to overtake brick and mortar stores, because the last hurdle of hassle is removed. Thanks, Santa!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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