Neil Jacobsohn

World-Renowned Speaker, Strategist & Facilitator

Renowned as a futurist keynote speaker, Neil Jacobsohn interweaves a rich tapestry of knowledge, insights, and experience, offering a distinctive perspective on futurism, strategy, and innovation. A founding member of Futureworld, Neil, with his unparalleled energy and engagement levels, has positioned himself as a groundbreaking business strategist and thought leader, guiding leaders through the labyrinth of the ever-evolving corporate world.


Neil Jacobsohn, a cornerstone of the Futureworld Network, stands out as a world-renowned keynote speaker, strategist, and facilitator, celebrated for his compelling energy and ability to captivate audiences. With a prolific career exceeding 40 years, Neil’s journey is marked by his roles as an entrepreneur, journalist, marketer, and innovator, illustrating his unwavering passion for aiding leaders in a rapidly transforming world.

His collaborations extend to prestigious institutions and corporate entities globally, including Oxford’s SAID Business School and the London Business School, underscoring his commitment to preparing leaders for forthcoming challenges and opportunities.

Neil’s multifaceted expertise in futurism, strategic facilitation, and public speaking makes him a coveted consultant and speaker, emphasizing his role as a successful entrepreneur and innovator.

Having initiated over 14 businesses, directed marketing for a listed media company, and spearheaded a US$40 million AIDS campaign, Neil’s contributions are unparalleled. His unique perspective in futurism and strategic facilitation, combined with his diverse background, renders him an indispensable asset for organizations gearing up for the radical future.

With his vast experience and innovative approach, Neil Jacobsohn continues to be a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, steering leaders and organizations towards a future brimming with endless possibilities.

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