Per Ostberg

Futureworld Speaker, Futurist, Author, Business Strategist

Charting the landscape of mobile communications in Africa, Per Ostberg emerges as a futurist keynote speaker who embodies a blend of expertise and experience. From the serene pastures of Sweden to the dynamic tech landscapes of Africa, Per’s narrative spans continents and key sectors of innovation. As an author, business strategist, and adventurer, he specializes in strategy consulting, disruptive thinking, and is a resonant voice in the world of telecoms and ICT in Africa.


Per Ostberg’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. His global explorations have led him across 90 countries, taking almost a thousand flights, and accumulating enough air miles to circle the Earth over 60 times! Per’s adventurous spirit has seen him ascend mountains in the Himalayas, traverse the terrains of Africa and South America, and sail the waters of the Kinabatangan River in Borneo in a traditional dugout canoe.

In Africa, Per experienced unique adventures, from walking with giraffes in the Niger savannah and playing golf in a Chad sandstorm to spending time with ex-SAS soldiers in Freetown and swimming with dolphins near Pemba. Naturally, he also faced some pretty hairy challenges, such as getting caught up in Sierra Leone’s civil war and being detained for hours at immigration in the Ivory Coast.

Armed with this impressively vast reservoir of experience, Per went on to author the book “PERspective – Pros and Cons of Expat Life”, a comprehensive guide for those looking to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of expatriate life in Asia and Africa.

Transitioning to his professional accolades, Per boasts over two decades of expertise in mobile technology. His technological journey commenced with a transformative role at Ericsson, where he revamped logistics flows for mobile network deployments in East Asia during the late 90s.

His leadership acumen made him ideal for the role of project director responsible for six mobile networks under MSI/Celtel in Africa, a foundational step that later transitioned to the renowned Airtel Africa. Extending his influence in mobile technology, Per co-initiated a Pan-African Mobile Value-Added Services enterprise.

Outside the realm of technology, Per’s multifaceted career includes a tenure as an assistant teacher at the Linkoping Institute of Technology. His entrepreneurial instincts propelled him to pioneer a health food import and distribution venture in South Africa. He achieved an honorary graduation from IMD’s Executive MBA programme in 2018.

Grounded in academic excellence, Per holds a Master of Science degree from Linkoping University in Sweden. An embodiment of perpetual curiosity, he couples his insatiable wanderlust with a commitment to continuous learning. An avid mountaineer with a penchant for fine wine and good company, Per Ostberg believes that a day without learning something new is a day wasted.

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