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15 April 2017
Written by Grant Ralph (topic: innovation platform) The emphasis on Innovation Today, big business places a large emphasis on innovation and it’s easy to understand why. Technology is changing the world that we live in at a rapid rate and one of the biggest consequences of this is that customers are expecting more from large, established organisations. People...
16 February 2017
Written by Matthew Adendorf (topic: product development) Product Development – Moving Beyond ‘Agile’ Agile product development has in recent times positioned itself as the number one and best way for innovation teams to successfully ship product to market. Let me be clear, I think that Agile is great as it focusses on frequent releases which...
22 October 2016
Written by Brett Terespolsky (topic: user experience) So you have decided that an application is a solution to your problem. First, beware, your user may not want it. This applies to all types of applications (web, mobile, etc.). The key issue is gaining user interest. I’m not talking about the general desirability of your application. You...

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