Global food crisis bites

Since early 2020 we’ve seen a steady uptick in food prices, and now it’s reached crisis proportions. Not only are food staples becoming unaffordable for poorer communities, but there just isn’t enough to go around. Four years ago there was an abundance of food; now over 1 billion people are staring famine in the face. […]

An ace up your sleeve

Over the last few years, we have witnessed the Crypto Crunch, the return of the inflation monster, and the big Tech Takedown. We’ve also seen disruptive forces at work in geopolitics, resources, food, and energy. In these turbulent times it pays to have an ace up your sleeve. A wise investor knows it’s a good […]

Mining the waste dumps

Everybody’s talking about the latest global economic crunch – a shortage of raw material resources. It’s not like we’re actually running out of coal, oil or gas, and there’s plenty of lithium in the Salton Sea. But production capacities for nickel, aluminium, titanium and a bunch of rare-earth minerals are causing major headaches worldwide. War […]

From cutting carbon to pricing plastic

Thanks to renewable energy and cleantech investment, there’s a noticeable decline in carbon emissions worldwide, and interest in reducing carbon dioxide in an attempt to control the climate is waning fast. It seems targeting ‘net zero’ has lost its popular appeal. Now eco-warriors have real pollution in their sights, and plastic is Enemy Number #1. […]

Honda says goodbye to gas

Honda has made good on its promise to cease sales of combustion cars by 2040. The last one produced was in fact a hybrid model, with a miniscule 900cc gasoline engine to supplement the electric motor. Well respected throughout the motoring world, Honda had a reputation for building compact, fuel-efficient cars that were ultra-reliable. With […]

America retreats

Over the past decade we have witnessed a fundamental change in the world economic order, particularly when we consider trade between the US and the rest of the world. Developed markets like Japan and Italy are approaching peak consumption, with stable or declining populations, while China still manufactures more goods than its domestic economy can […]

Hacking the eye in the sky

It’s getting pretty crowded up there, in low earth orbit, with thousands of commercial communications satellites, and whole constellations of internet microsats. Then there are the many military ‘birds’ whose primary mission is to spy on the enemy, whoever that might be, but we’re not supposed to talk about them. The Space Force has to […]

VR Tripper loses his mind

In a landmark ruling, Judge Steven yesterday awarded Luis Smith full rights to his expedition book. This would not have been such a controversial judgement, had Smith actually paddled around Antarctica himself, instead of buying the memories from a virtual experience travel agency. The world-famous Virtual Reality Tripper Mark Ritter expressed his disappointment about the […]

Tesla Model S turns 20

The car that started the electric vehicle revolution, the iconic Tesla Model S, was launched on this day in 2009, which makes it officially 20 years old, and no longer a teenager. As we’ve come to expect from Elon Musk, the new ‘S.20’ edition has a few enhancements which will make driving not only more […]

Deep drilling delivers the power

There’s an almost infinite amount of heat energy below the planet’s surface. We’ve seen enough pictures of molten lava spewing out of volcanoes to appreciate the power that heat can generate, and countries like Iceland have been converting geothermal energy into electricity for ages. It’s the ultimate form of clean, green energy, but only available […]