America retreats

Over the past decade we have witnessed a fundamental change in the world economic order, particularly when we consider trade between the US and the rest of the world. Developed markets like Japan and Italy are approaching peak consumption, with stable or declining populations, while China still manufactures more goods than its domestic economy can […]

Hacking the eye in the sky

It’s getting pretty crowded up there, in low earth orbit, with thousands of commercial communications satellites, and whole constellations of internet microsats. Then there are the many military ‘birds’ whose primary mission is to spy on the enemy, whoever that might be, but we’re not supposed to talk about them. The Space Force has to […]

VR Tripper loses his mind

In a landmark ruling, Judge Steven yesterday awarded Luis Smith full rights to his expedition book. This would not have been such a controversial judgement, had Smith actually paddled around Antarctica himself, instead of buying the memories from a virtual experience travel agency. The world-famous Virtual Reality Tripper Mark Ritter expressed his disappointment about the […]

Tesla Model S turns 20

The car that started the electric vehicle revolution, the iconic Tesla Model S, was launched on this day in 2009, which makes it officially 20 years old, and no longer a teenager. As we’ve come to expect from Elon Musk, the new ‘S.20’ edition has a few enhancements which will make driving not only more […]

Deep drilling delivers the power

There’s an almost infinite amount of heat energy below the planet’s surface. We’ve seen enough pictures of molten lava spewing out of volcanoes to appreciate the power that heat can generate, and countries like Iceland have been converting geothermal energy into electricity for ages. It’s the ultimate form of clean, green energy, but only available […]

Stop shipping, start printing

Since 2020 we’ve learned a new term: ‘supply chain fragility’, and it’s been the bane of producers the world over. First came travel restrictions and lockdowns in response to the covid pandemic. No sooner were we recovering from that, than the war in eastern Europe created new backlogs and bottlenecks. In the space of 33 […]

Biden brings it home

What a difference a war makes. When US President Joe Biden orchestrated a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, many commentators thought it was the end of his career as POTUS. But then Vladimir Putin handed him the ultimate wildcard – an immoral war in Europe that no one could win. Except for those that had nothing […]

Beware of abandonware

Right now there’s a bit of a goldrush to get hooked up to the latest digitally enhanced upgrades – for your body and mind. From bionic eyes to replacement arms to wireless neural implants, there is an astonishing array of gadgets which can restore your sight, help you walk again, or connect your brain directly […]

The Age of Extraction is dying

The age of extraction has served our civilization well. We began by taming wild grasses and domesticating animals, to provide us with the things we needed, like food, clothing, and energy. Then we discovered mineral resources like coal and iron, and agriculture and industry blossomed. Extraction and exploitation of natural resources became the primary means […]

Microchips save the American Dream

Remember the global shortage of silicon chips six years ago, and how that threatened to derail a resurgent economy? The covid pandemic was receding, and pent-up demand came rolling in. But supply chain disruptions and pandemic restrictions meant that there just weren’t enough chips to go around. That’s when manufacturers – particularly in the US […]