MindBullets 20 Years


A review of the past decade’s most important trends – PART 1

FIFA TechBall Doubles Viewers and ProfitabilityFIFA’s new executive team has now employed active technology in games – to the delight of players and supporters. Games have become more interactive and tough decisions are resolved instantly, and openly. Viewership figures have doubled in all media & gaming revenues have soared.Openness & Transparency Death Knell for DiplomacyA decade ago WikiLeaks started using digital platforms to access and distribute what used to be confidential information. Two industries have been seriously threatened by this development: The Diplomatic Service and Secret Service organizations, many now being outsourced to private firms.

Governments Control & Censor InformationIn a reaction to the continued consumer quest for openness, governments in Russia, Asia, Africa and Latin America have taken tighter control of the internet and mobile networks, implementing restrictive practices to control information access and distribution. While ‘The West’ deplores these actions a new reality has dawned – the world is being divided into the Haves and the Know-Nots.

Apple OS Dominates Personal DevicesThe new attitude to making its operating systems available on all hardware platforms has given Apple market dominance of its software on smart phones and PCs – just as mobile media reaches 100% penetration of world population. There are now more mobile devices than people on our planet. Few young consumers remember Microsoft.Robot Armies Decimate Asian Trouble SpotsSilicon Valley teenagers have been given control of some of the most strategic US military initiatives as swarms of millions of drones, no bigger than locusts, create the intelligent terrain maps for robot soldiers to advance and destroy enemy targets. “Anyone over 30 simply does not have the capacity to imagine or control tasks at this level of complexity,” says one US General.

Longevity to be Increased InfinitelyGenetic manipulation and proteomics have shown that human DNA can be infinitely improved by using telomerase to clone the telomeres that control the ageing of cells. While life can now theoretically be ‘infinite’ as bodies stay healthy, the ethical debate has only just begun. Do we have the right to live forever?

World Auto Industry to be 80% Hybrid by 2030China has become the #1 manufacturer and consumer: Europe and US auto industries show little signs of life as China dominates the booming market for greener cars. A Chinese university study has shown that by 2030 more than 80% of all new car sales will be alternate fuel or hybrid models.Demonstrations Grow Against GoogleUnbridled success has turned Google into an impotent global corporation – seen by many as the epitome of inflexibility and ‘evil’. Consumers flock to new upstarts that have captured their imagination. A common refrain: “Google is SO uncool!”

Coalitions voted ‘Political Force of the Decade’Early success in the UK, US and France have triggered successful coalition politics even in Italy and Germany. The explosion of relationships, communications and on-line everything have been credited with providing the platform on which electronic government and coalition politics can thrive.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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