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President Sarah Palin equates WikiLeaks with Al-Qaeda

WikiLeaks has joined the ‘Axis of Evil’. The latest revelations of US military plans led to the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers. President Sarah Palin has now declared the WikiLeaks website a terrorist organization on a par with Al-Qaeda.

Echoing her own Facebook page comments from 2010, President Palin said that WikiLeaks director Julian Assange is “an anti-American operative with blood on his hands.”

“Why should we not pursue him with the same urgency we pursued Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders?” asked Palin.

“There is a clear and present danger to our soldiers, this administration and the American people. WikiLeaks is a subversive operation run by fugitive terrorists, and must be rooted out!”

Since the leaking of thousands of diplomatic emails in 2010, WikiLeaks has been on the United States’ top list of organizations under scrutiny by military and intelligence agencies.

However, the latest 9/11 revelations of military secrets, which the Palin administration claims were responsible for casualties in Afghanistan last week, have tipped the balance.

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are now officially enemies of the state.

Assange has been on the run from ‘trumped up’ rape charges for years. His fugitive lifestyle has no doubt helped him evade US officials who would like him to ‘help them with their inquiries’ into WikiLeaks.

Whether the United States will be able to catch Julian Assange quicker than Osama Bin Laden remains to be seen.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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