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Cupid swaps his bow for a lab coat

Love is no longer a game of chance

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day marks a new era – the game of love is forever changed. Do you remember those magic moments when you laid eyes on your crush for the very first time, how your heart skipped a beat and your pulse quickened, how you started scheming, creating random opportunities to meet, and how easily you joined the game of love? If you do, I’m sorry to say that you are a relic of history, not a part of the future.

Bel Amour AG, the Swiss based gene editing vanguard, started shipping its long-awaited, individually designed perfume line earlier today, just in time for Valentine’s. By combining DNA analysis, their CRISPR research, and the science of human pheromones, Bel Amour claims to have found the key to love, the formula that makes you fall hopelessly in love.

Their first perfume line, Love Me!, will make you irresistible for the people around you, giving you unlimited choice. We met up with Bel Amour’s CEO, Daniela Stein, last month on the sidelines of Davos. When asked what would happen if two people who both use her perfume were at the same party, she just giggled and responded: “It’s no different from today, is it? There will just be more love around. And please call me Daniela.”

With a coy smile, Daniela started describing their next perfume, Cupid’s Arrow, which is now available for pre-orders. It uses the same biotech platform, but is designed with a specific DNA profile in mind. Bel Amour only needs a strand of hair from your loved one, and they can create a perfume that makes that person fall totally in love with you.

Biotech and Bel Amour have changed the dating scene forever, and Daniela’s dream of a society where everyone loves everyone could soon be a reality. We keep our fingers crossed that these perfumes won’t start an epidemic of rivalry and jealousy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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