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Now you can fix your relationship with marriage medicine

Remember when divorce was as much a part of life as marriage, birth, death and taxes? There was even a time when divorce overtook death, in most societies, as the major reason for marriage breakups. Well, no more, thanks to Pfizer’s ‘love pill’ called simply “Romance!”

Yes, it’s true! Scientists have finally isolated the chemical reactions in our brains that cause us to feel attraction, attachment and lust; and by tweaking these with chemical additions at just the right time, when a couple is in the ‘hot’ stages of romance, the love pill helps maintain desire and diminish the disenchantment that so often leads to breakups.

Many people are horrified at the idea – but the experts point out that this is merely helping evolution catch up with the fact that we are living longer than ever before. For most of history we have lived an average of 35 years, which means marriage was by definition short.

But now, with 100 years and more easily attainable, marriage seems more of a life sentence than a desirable institution. And we know that being in a stable relationship is good for us – so say hello to new Romance!

Even so, some couples are opting for short-term, renewable contracts rather than a permanent partnership. It’s all about new choices for the future.

Of course, the love pill is just one of several radical drug treatments that are changing our lives. The ‘fat jab’ has virtually ended obesity. The ‘no-sleep’ drug enables us to stay awake as long as we want. So… how long before we find a pill for world peace?

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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