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Microsoft and Facebook go 'beyond zero' with free software and access for tablet computers

Microsoft has stunned the tech world with the announcement that they are giving away Windows software for free. But to be fair, there is a catch. Windows Cloud is designed to run effortlessly on Flexipads, tablets, netbooks and other interactive media devices like the new Kindle.

“It’s not phone software,” said Wally Wallmer. “Handset manufacturers still have to pay a license for Windows Phone.” The free Windows version is designed to work with the new generation of fast, instant-on tablets like the Facebook Flexipad. Resembling a slightly smaller version of the Apple iPad, the Flexipad has global connectivity and goes straight to your Facebook home page when you turn it on.

“The best part of Windows Cloud is that it’s specifically designed for connected devices, without hard drives or local peripherals,” said Wallmer.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said: “It’s one of the reasons that we can offer the Flexipad so cheaply. Microsoft gave us the Windows for zero.”

Google has been struggling with its own fragmented operating software. Although they are free and popular, different versions of Android are compatible with a variety of devices, from phones to tablets, and users often make the ‘wrong’ choice, leading to support issues.

Google’s other system, Chrome OS, was designed with laptops and netbooks in mind, so is much more top-heavy, supporting older PC apps. Even so, Chrome OS is almost useless when you are not connected to the cloud, but Google is not in the connectivity game.

Facebook has extended the Facebook Zero concept to the Flexipad, so you connect for free. With free access, free software, and the biggest community network in the cybersphere, Microsoft and Facebook are set to dominate the digital interactive media space for years.

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