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After one term in office, America has had enough of the Orange POTUS

At long last, the United States has a female head of state. Hillary Clinton’s big mistake was one of timing. She couldn’t beat Obama, and when up against Trump, she failed to inspire or engender trust. Many voters saw her as a has-been.

But now the tables have been turned. Trump, like Jimmy Carter, has failed to secure a second term. And his ouster is a woman.

To some extent, Trump was his own worst enemy. Having exposed himself, his thinking and biases, the kind of person he was deep down, President Trump couldn’t rise to the challenge of changing his spots after the votes were counted. Trump tried hard to be a decent leader, but his shallow egotism and pig-headedness won out all too often.

While in office, Trump failed to deliver on his dream of making America great again. The world refused to pander to his desires. Bungling the tense relationship with Russia and living in denial of China’s economic might, Trump found himself overtaken by events all too often. To paraphrase an anonymous official, “the problem with Trump is he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know!”

And so, in the same reactionary way that Obama’s successor was a Republican, the next American president will be a Democrat. And this time POTUS is a woman; an inspirational woman, with flair and charisma; trustworthy, strong and likeable; the very antithesis of Hillary.

That’s what the voters want.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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