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Poll garners 95% turnout and universal support

The counts are in and President Trump has an overwhelming vote of confidence in his continued leadership. With 95% of Americans voting for the motion, he will compete in his third presidential election in 2024.

Mustapha Junar [ID21394230]*, representative of Citizens for Democracy, claims widespread ballot fraud, but President Trump scoffed at there being any impropriety under his reign.

“Americans have never been happier, even if our economy is still shedding jobs. The results demonstrate that my people believe that, unless I rule indefinitely, we will not become the great country we are meant to be.”

Business leaders are proving to be difficult, with Apple and Google investigating reincorporating in Canada. Microsoft’s reverse buy-out of Blackberry in 2020 permitted the Redmond-based firm to move its primary listing to Toronto.

Neither has job repatriation gone as well as hoped. When Caterpillar agreed, under Trump Directive #32, to return 10,000 manufacturing jobs they moved from their Peoria plants to Mexico in 2017, they only created 253 new jobs. Critics of President Trump’s plan pointed out that any new factories are likely to be highly automated.

During their annual vacation together in Crimea, Russia’s President Putin is said to have offered President Trump guidance. “President Trump has been too generous to business leaders. They need to understand the necessary power of the state,” says President Putin. “They need to demonstrate patriotism and not their obsessive focus on profitability.”

President Trump believes that without further terms in power he will not be able to complete his signature walls along the Mexican and Canadian borders, and that there are still far too many immigrants who have not been deported.

With Congress gridlocked between Democrats and Republicans, President Trump decided that the only way to reach consensus was to go directly to the people. He has been rewarded for his farsighted approach.

“My work is not yet done,” he says.

* Note that this newspaper abides by Trump Directive #1, and lists the ID number of every Muslim mentioned in our journal.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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