MindBullets 20 Years

Everybody’s looking for a new sensation

Move over Metaverse, the Nexperience is here

Virtual reality has come a long way, and the ability to participate in video games and wander around virtual worlds is super fun, but it’s not exactly realistic, is it? The Metaverse is obviously a digitally simulated place where avatars can meet and interact, but not physically.

Sure, you can buy stuff from a real store’s virtual presence, and have it delivered to your house in real life; you can have a real conversation with your friends, just like on the phone, but you can’t see their facial expressions. For an important meeting, a Zoom call or HoloLens chat is much more rewarding.

And avatars are so fake anyway. In fact, most people prefer to watch their avatars running around or hanging out on a desktop screen, rather than immersing themselves in full 3D on a VR headset. It gives them an opportunity to be slightly detached, and to keep themselves grounded in reality. After all, it’s only a game.

Nexperience is different. It’s like going to Las Vegas without leaving your living room. You can live out all your fantasies, try anything, risk it all. And what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Think of Westworld, but without the physical risks and inconvenience.

The secret sauce that makes Nexperience so great is they put you in a flotation chamber, and beam the real world setup straight into your visual cortex. It tricks your brain into believing everything you see – an illusion that becomes reality! You can choose from a variety of destinations, awesome vistas, and adrenalin inducing experiences.

That’s the problem with a ‘comfortable’ modern lifestyle. You’ve got most things you need, but you can’t afford the things you would really love to do; like climbing Everest or visiting the Space Station, or diving to the bottom of the ocean. With Nexperience you can; you can experience the new sensation.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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