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Generation C couples say "I do" - but not forever

Why get married ‘forever’ and then go through all the trauma of filing for divorce? These days it has become fashionable to take a much more flexible approach. Get married for a few years – two is the legal minimum to qualify as a marriage – and then decide if you both want to continue the contract.

That way the exit strategy is clear, and no one can be blamed if it isn’t permanent. Nothing stops you from signing up for another two years or longer, if everything is going swimmingly. Let’s face it, in this fast-changing world, people also change, and everything is less permanent. So why should people commit to a life-long relationship, when the odds are that it often doesn’t work out that way?

“We met on Twitter, started hanging out on Google Plus, and had our first date in an airport restaurant,” says Jack. “Now we’re constant companions on Skype, but we’re not in the same room very often!”

“We decided to get married anyway,” Abigail chimes in. “But it doesn’t make sense to go for that whole ‘death do us part’ thing, you know? Almost half of new marriages end in divorce – you can Google it.”

“So we signed up for a two-year stint, with an option to renew,” smiles Jack. “If we both agree. That takes the angst out of the whole deal.”

“And I’m keeping my name, of course,” says Abigail, “but that’s pretty standard with my generation. The hassle of renaming all my blogs and editing my profiles would be killing!”

Marriage sure isn’t what it used to be, but perhaps it’s time to join the 21st century. A new boom in weddings and a new style of marriage is taking off with Generation C – the connected generation.

This could be the end of divorce – and all the legal disputes, recriminations and court cases that go with it. That’s bad news for lawyers, but good news for the wedding industry. It’s so much easier to say “I do.”

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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