MindBullets 20 Years


A supercomputer that sits on your wrist and never needs recharging

It’s been seven years since IBM invented 7nm transistor chips, and five years since 3D Universal Memory was launched by Samsung. Since then we’ve seen personal computers disappear and be replaced by ever smaller, ever smarter mobile devices.

Devices that understand you when you speak to them, are connected to the cloud, all the time, respond to your movements and gestures, and recharge themselves while you sleep. That’s because the exponential growth of computing power and shrinking size has made these devices so efficient, they can run for hours on just a few milliwatts.

The new Infiniti smart watch takes it to another level. With nano solar cells built into the display, it never needs a charge, despite the powerful 16-core processor and enough memory to launch a space rocket.

In reality it’s a computer. It sits on your wrist and monitors your movements, keeping track of your life signs and lifestyle, and keeping you connected to the digital ecosystem. It’s awesomely intelligent; does auto-translate on the fly, and recognizes your mood and your voice.

Yet the Infiniti looks like a normal watch. It even discreetly tells the time. Computing has become so universal, the technology has disappeared. It’s embedded everywhere; it’s invisible, like air.

But best of all, you never have to remember to charge it up.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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