MindBullets 20 Years

Step into the Matrix

Now you can upload new skills to your brain

Need a new skill or ability? There’s an app for that!

Neuroscience and neuroprosthetics have advanced to the point where, if you need to learn Arabic in a hurry, or how to make sense of DNA analysis, you can just upload it to your brain. On demand, just like an app for your phone.

The first breakthrough was the ‘hardware’; memory chips wired into the brains of stroke and accident victims have been replaced by nanoparticle ‘liquid electronics’, implantable with minimally invasive techniques. They boost memory capacity, making any ordinary person, well, quite brilliant.

Then came an ‘app store’ for virtually any skill or ability you can think of, and downloading it wirelessly to your boosted brain only takes a few minutes at most. It’s like the real-life Matrix, where all you need is the code, to give you superhuman powers!

These days everyone knows that pure knowledge is worthless – anyone can find out anything they need to know with a gesture or spoken command. But skills, like flying a plane or performing intricate dance steps, or preparing a gourmet meal – these take time and effort to master; until now.

Is this the end of teachers, sports coaches and colleges? Everyone will become a DIY guru overnight; there’s no need for a plumber or electrician, just download the app. It’s a boon for businesses globally. Who needs job-specific training? Just install the app suite at induction.

But perhaps the greatest benefit will be felt by those who struggled with paralysis or poor motor skills, those who found even breathing and speaking difficult. Now it’s possible to reprogram motor neurons and muscle control, making life a pleasure again.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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