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Sharing your real-time view of life is bigger than Twitter or Instagram

We had blogs, then vlogs, then Twitter and Periscope; everything becomes more immediate, as the news cycle and attention spans shorten. Remember when, a couple of years ago, a passenger was dragged off a United plane? The video of the poor guy went viral in hours.

Now, the latest social media phenomenon is to share what you see – in real time, using Samsung’s video contact lenses, called Viddyize. People who subscribe to your feed can see what you see – as you see it. With Viddyize, we could have watched from the passenger’s point of view, as the goons came to haul him off the flight.

The revolutionary tech has a transparent camera lens embedded in your contact lens. You see right through it, and the video is streamed via your smartphone to the cloud. Yes, you still need a phone or similar wearable to provide the battery life and cloud connectivity, but you don’t need bulky glasses that require recharging to capture the image. The lenses are all but invisible.

This trend is rewriting the perception of fake news and ‘on location’ reporting. There are so many live feeds available at any one time now, media companies like CNN, Facebook and Google have developed AI systems, just to separate the interesting breaking news from the fluff. Humans can’t handle the deluge.

If you live an interesting life, or just happen to be on the spot when the next story breaks, you won’t need to reach for a camera or phone; just open your eyes.

But don’t blink too much, as that kills the image!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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