MindBullets 20 Years


Contagion has a whole new meaning

We had bird flu and swine flu, but the latest ‘flu’ will have you reaching for more than a tissue. Terrorists are moving away from the destruction of physical objects like shopping malls and office towers to the destruction of living beings by deliberately spreading viral epidemics. That’s enough to make anyone sick.

We have successfully mapped the full human genome. Pharmaceutical companies have been posting virology problems online – and getting solutions – for quite some time. Innovators across the globe have been logging on and solving molecular challenges that baffled scientists for decades, but it wasn’t only the civic-minded Harvard student who followed these biohacks and genetic tinkering. Terrorist networks and rogue states have also kept an eye on what’s developing and now they can ‘print’ pathogens that target medical science’s current weak spots.

Last night international terror group, Brothers United, claimed responsibility in a webcast for infecting the water supply in Washington, DC. Lacey McEnroe is thought to be the first victim of this act of bioterrorism. She was seen drinking from a water fountain on the university campus, but had a fever of 41 degrees C by the time she got to her dorm room at 20:00. She passed away at 01:12 this morning. Fifty students from Lacey’s campus have also been admitted to hospital with high fevers and constant coughing.

It is widely known that Brothers United want to avenge the death of their former leader, Abu Millai. Millai died while standing trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague six months ago. The ICC claimed that he died of natural causes, but the Brothers suspect foul play. Since the news of Lacey’s death broke, the US President has cancelled his annual Just(ice) Dinner for 200 international justice organizations at the White House; this time at least, those targeted won’t be infected.

With or without nano immune boosters, we might not be as lucky next time.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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