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Personalized energy for wearables is the new killer app

Gone are the days when your heartrate monitor training coach smartwatch needed a battery. Actually, gone are the days of batteries for any wearable gadget. With the last 10 years of advances in energy generation tech, wearables don’t need to store power anymore. They are, literally, always on when you put them on (pun intended).

Static electricity, kinetic energy, electricity in sweat, movement power, under-skin solar cells, induction mesh, and of course, some good old (new) batteries; the field of wearable energy tech turned the legacy battery industry upside down. Why have a clunky battery in your gym T-shirt when the power required is only needed when you wear it? Strech-‘n-flex was the first Move It Move It wearable energy line. The technology makes use of micro capacitors charged by the piezoelectricity created by your movements.

Their next product launch was Induction Mesh, which generates power through induction from the ambient static in humid air. It was an immediate hit among suit and dress manufacturers. But the real breakthrough came with SunBeam, an under-skin solar power nano-film. It’s ideal for anyone exercising or working outdoors in the sun. Like your skin, it’s also waterproof, appealing to divers, swimmers, surfers, and sailors.

Douglas Brown, CPO (chief power officer) at Move It Move It, elaborates on the future potential of SunBeam: “The power lies in its size flexibility. We can graft just the right size nano-film for your energy needs. Your embedded subway ticket and credit cards require very little, while the skin-fi connected health sensor needs a bit more.” For larger wearables for industrial use, like lower arm displays, holographic keyboards, and the like, Brown recommends using their kinetic power bracelets.

An added advantage is that now you don’t need to do 20 squats to pay for your bus ride – your clothes’ ‘generators’ earn credits while you walk to the bus stop, take the stairs (instead of the elevator) in the office, or just leisurely stroll through Central Park on a sunny afternoon. Or dance with a bunch of meerkats in virtual reality.

So, get with the program and Move It, Move It, Move It!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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