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Travelling 'apartments' are leaving planes and hotels empty

Driverless cars were supposed to disrupt only the automotive sector and the insurance industry, right? Wrong. The latest victims are airlines and hotel chains – and they never even saw it coming.

With green car technology sorted, it’s no longer necessary to get vehicles off the road. In fact, the good old road trip is back – but this time with a twist. Travellers are now renting self-driving, customized cars and vans to chauffeur them from point A to point B in luxury. Passengers can sleep or relax on a queen-sized bed, a bar fridge is at hand and streaming content is always available. Pit stops are easy when nature calls and showers can be taken at guesthouses during the 15 minutes or so that the TesLax needs to recharge.

Frequent rider Michel La Croix says: “The best thing for me is that I can get out and have some fresh air whenever I want it. And who wouldn’t want to skip all those security checks at Charles de Gaulle?” The biggest plus for germaphobes is that they don’t have to worry about being exposed to other people’s germs in subways, buses and planes.

Contrary to popular belief, people are actually not spending their commute catching up on work. Many are lying on their backs and looking at the clouds through the skylight and others are meditating in the soundproof cocoon.

It is clear that the car has not lost its status as private sanctuary and safe space. In an increasingly populous world, sometimes all a person wants on their way to a family reunion or AGM, is to have some peace and quiet in a steel or carbon-fiber womb.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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