Smart Screws Revolutionise Preventative Maintenance

Screws tend to loosen over time, from vibrations and even temperature fluctuations. Depending on the application of these screws, the ultimate impact can be extremely costly, or even fatal. Typically, the loosening of screws is addressed through inspections, but through smartly combining IoT technology and some clever sensors inspections might be a thing of the […]

Hydrogen – Ultra-light storage tanks promise to make jet fuel obsolete

Green hydrogen is the fuel of the future with unique characteristics. (1) It has the potential to overcome a variety of energy challenges, offering a way to decarbonise sectors. (2) Numerous technologies are under development, with many already in existence, that enable the production, storage, transportation, and use of hydrogen in different ways. (3) The […]

Smart contact lens brings augmented reality closer

Blending the digital and real worlds could have a host of applications, from entertainment to training, but current augmented and virtual reality headsets are bulky and limited. Now a startup is promising a more seamless experience thanks to smart contact lenses. Despite the recent buzz around the metaverse, the idea that we will soon be using VR headsets to […]

World’s longest 165-mile ‘drone superhighway’ proposed in the UK

By Ishveena Singh A UK consortium has revealed its blueprint to build the world’s largest and longest “drone superhighway,” connecting towns and cities across the nation. The 165-mile (265 km) Project Skyway is being hailed as “the most ambitious transport project proposed for the UK since the advent of the railway network in the 18th century.” […]

Biocement – microbes with the potential to disrupt the construction industry

Cement is the most widely used material on the planet, originally derived from the liberation of carbon from limestone through intensive heating, releasing significant carbon dioxide volumes in the process. Biomason uses natural microorganisms to produce an improved cement substitute, providing a signal of just how different the future could be. Producing biocement in ambient […]

Sound waves convert stem cells into bone in regenerative breakthrough

Regrowing or replacing bone lost to disease is tricky and often painful. In a new study Australian researchers have found a relatively simple way to induce stem cells to turn into bone cells quickly and efficiently, using high-frequency sound waves. Stem cells have enormous medical potential in helping to regenerate various tissues in the body, […]

Getting to grips with air taxis

With all the books, articles, and essays that have been written about flying cars, and why we don’t have them, and all the YouTube videos that have been posted of new design prototypes – including some flight tests – you’d think that people would begin to realise that flying cars are not a thing. But […]

Researchers develop new method embedding atoms one-by-one to build quantum chip

A team of researchers has developed a new silicon construction technique that could potentially improve the affordability and reliability of building quantum computers. The new technique — jointly developed by researchers from Australia’s University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales (UNSW) and RMIT, and Germany’s Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf and Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering — […]

Hey Future! Where’s My Flying Car?

Written by Doug Vining Since the Jetsons cartoons of the 1960s, we’ve been waiting for that ultimate form of personal mobility, the Flying Car. The idea of being able to avoid traffic and obstacles, and simply zoom off to your destination on autopilot, captured our imagination for decades, and we all thought it was just […]

Why Bitcoin Works (Part 3): Credible answers to some important questions

Written by Grant Ralph Question1: What keeps the full nodes in line? Do full node operators have too much power in the Bitcoin system? If they are the custodians of Bitcoin’s ledger, what stops a smaller group of nodes from, for example, disregarding the difficulty adjustment rule or from ignoring the predetermined issuance schedule? The […]