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Roses are red, batteries are green
A field of daffodils can power a town
Dateline: 8 March 2023
Once we thought that batteries were made of corrosive chemicals and heavy metals. But what happens when you can grow e-plants that store solar energy like super-capacitors? Back in 2017, scientists discovered they could grow nanowires inside a red rose, using the plant’s own capillary system to create an internal network, and absorb electrolyte. It’s...

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Your automobile needs a tech support plan
Would you buy a software-defined vehicle from a used car salesman?
Dateline: 12 February 2024
If you’re like me, you love tech and you love cars. But you don’t like buying the latest model, with all the bells and whistles, only to see it lose a fifth of its value the moment you drive it off the showroom floor. Like me, you like to buy a good pre-owned, pre-loved model...
The food is all fake
But it never tasted this good!
Dateline: 5 February 2026
A lot of strange things have happened in the food business in the last seven years. First, we saw the improbable runaway success of Impossible Foods – burgers and chicken made from plants, that taste just like the real thing. And their stock price soared! Then came a major global health scare, the novel coronavirus...
The SIMs is not a game
Machine to reality is the new business paradigm
Dateline: 29 January 2028
We’re all living in a simulation, but it’s reality. You might suspect that life is just a Matrix-like simulation, a virtual reality experience that is so realistic, we just assume it’s real. Well, when it comes to products and new things, that’s how it works now. Eight years ago, when researchers were looking for new...
The kids are really serious about climate change
The hashtag movement turns out to have been #forreal
Dateline: 28 January 2029
Being in government these days is tough. Apart from the factors you know you can’t control, some of the things you thought you could always count on, like the natural human desire to procreate, are turning out to be just as uncertain. Growing female empowerment and education for girls have already knocked down the fertility...
Never pay for insurance again
Traditional insurance policies just became obsolete
Dateline: 15 January 2025
We all know how insurance works, or should I say, used to work. Life is full of uncertainties, so full of risks, that an unfortunate event could ruin you, or your business. So we take out insurance, and pay premiums, to recover from those losses, should they occur. But if we’re ‘lucky’ and those risks...
Uber takes to the skies
Mobility platform launches first commercial air taxi service
Dateline: 27 January 2027
After many false starts, dashed hopes and broken promises, the first commercial air taxi service has been launched, providing shared rides to and from Los Angeles airport and various city locations. Using specially developed passenger drones, the service offers quick hops that beat the notoriously slow LA traffic, of up to 20 miles (32 kilometers)....
2024: The year that changed everything
It’s the end of the world as we knew it. Happy new year!
Dateline: 2 January 2025
“May you live in interesting times!” is an old Chinese curse. It’s certainly been an interesting year, and now nothing will ever be the same again! We’ve seen the departure of both Putin and Trump, in the same year, and although their replacements are still populists, they are ‘youngsters’ with a different political perspective. Perhaps...
We all believe in Santa
Instead of tolerating benign dictators, we’re choosing populist autocrats
Dateline: 26 December 2023
Let’s go back a few decades, to 1989, and the great revolt against Soviet imperialism and authoritarianism. It seemed that liberal democratic capitalism had won the day, and globalization was the way of the future. Even China eventually joined the party, in their own fashion. Then the rise of smartphones and social media spawned a...
Data is the best medicine
The ultimate medical treatment isn’t DNA, it’s huge data
Dateline: 12 January 2025
Since Craig Venter decoded the human genome, we’ve seen massive strides in understanding and manipulating genetic information. Combined with stem cell research and CRISPR gene editing techniques, it seems the potential for medical breakthroughs is truly unlimited. Five years ago, an even more precise DNA editing tool was developed, called Prime, which opened the door...
Cybertruck outsells Ford F-150 for the first time
Ford gives way to Tesla as king of the pickups
Dateline: 17 January 2024
The most predictable thing about the American auto industry is that the Ford F-150 is the top-selling pickup truck, every year. In fact, Ford has claimed this title for an astonishing 45 years, peaking at a million vehicles in 2019. The Ford F Series was the quintessential American pickup for over 70 years, and the...

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