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5G unlocks the multiverse

Fast communication is the key

We’re all doomed, they said. Civilization is going to collapse, brought on by an unsustainable use of natural resources, unbridled capitalism, and digital addiction. But they ignored the exponential impact of innovation.

Throughout history, we have relied on energy, trade, and communication to advance civilizations across the globe, and the modern world is no different. From the telegraph to WeChat, communication has been the key to unlocking innovation, by allowing the free flow of ideas. Ideas that mingle, intersect, and breed more powerful ideas for new business and social solutions.

In the modern tech-dominated business world, the solutions for data-driven decisions lie in the intersections of the ‘internet of everything’, the ‘industrial metaverse’, and the forthcoming ‘energy internet’. Let’s call this the business multiverse.

And the key to unlocking innovation in the business multiverse is fast wireless connectivity provided by 5G networks and ubiquitous satellite broadband. 5G covers the urban areas, and services like Starlink everywhere else.

It’s not just for streaming Tik Tok videos and playing online games. For real-time data to impact business workflows and industrial processes, you need high bandwidth and low latency. Otherwise you’re just clogging up your algorithms with irrelevant information, and losing the opportunity to exponentially outperform.

“5G is not just a faster, better mobile network,” says tech expert Wilson Chow. “It’s the key to unlocking many emerging technologies, including Robotics, AI, IoT and Drones, and to creating entirely new applications and business models.”

Like your driverless car or delivery robot, for example; without reliable high-speed communications, it can’t react to changing real-world conditions or new data. And smart cities wouldn’t be able to make the most efficient use of resources and energy – to better serve their citizens. Even precision farming relies on timeous data and fast feedback.

The adoption of 5G worldwide has been slow to reach critical mass, but now we’re ready to unlock the full potential of the multiverse. And everyone’s invited.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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