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Global firm says "No thanks, we're good" in a new world of ethical dilemmas

To boost the brain, or not to boost the brain? That’s the latest differentiating factor that is dividing clients and determining their choice of service providers. No one is sure exactly how the nut should be cracked, but in the most progressive markets some executives are already taking a stand.

The German engineering firm AUB has implemented pioneering policies relating to the (non)-use of brain enhancing drugs at work. Their belief? Increased productivity and innovation is necessary and very useful, but still needs boundaries.

Besides, as the CEO wrote in his Buzzer message to the shareholders, “We’ve been excelling for years without augmenting the human brain, why start now? I have no doubt that certain countries and companies will legalize the use of brain stimulating medical inventions, but for us, it remains an ethical issue and we have chosen which side we are on.”

AUB has even gone so far as to not just discourage the use of smart drugs; they will be banning them outright as they ‘want to be the best, naturally.’ But will they really be able to compete with firms in Mexico or China whose workers only need two hours of sleep per day, and have above-average creative problem solving skills?

It’s the start of what is expected to be a monumental shift in society; those who see advancements and enhancements as ‘cheating’ and those who say “Why not? Let’s do it!” One thing’s for sure, it won’t be easy to make up your mind about smart drugs; whether you’re a business owner wanting to stand out from the crowd, or a customer wanting the best possible service and value.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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