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End of high-speed flying changes business and leisure travel

Ah yes, I can still remember the days of dashing from New York to Paris in a few hours. Even a round-the-world trip from London to Australia took less than 24 hours. Those were the days…

Those were the days indeed – before the world ran out of sufficient fossil fuel to allow the high-speed airline industry to continue. Instead, a radical concept called ‘Flight 2.0’, developed back early in the 21st Century by a young aviation expert, has been adopted and implemented by governments around the world.

‘Flight 2.0’ is devastatingly simple – 80% of all air travel now takes place on slow-moving airships, powered by solar, hydrogen and fuel cells. Yes, it’s still possible to take a jet if you want…if you can afford it! Jets are limited to no more than 20% of all air travel, and the price is astronomical.

This has changed the way people do business – and indeed, the way we live. Business trips have become almost a thing of the past – and when they do happen, it’s for seriously important reasons and on the firm understanding that getting to New York from London will take four or five days.

But digital communication has exploded, and nearly all business contact happens virtually, through powerful 3D holographic conferencing. Leisure too, is very different. No more dashing around the world for quick holidays. Any vacation journey is real slow. But the wonder is back in travel, with airships providing spectacular views.

And, of course, the travel industry itself is a dramatically different beast. Railways have made a massive recovery. Airlines have become purveyors of luxury. The airships – moving passengers on trips that last days – have become floating luxury hotels, with entertainment, sleeper suites, gourmet dining and shopping.

With one big proviso – weight! Luggage is strictly limited to hand baggage only, with airlines providing bio-degradable on-board clothing which can be used for the flight, for the holiday or business trip afterwards, and then safely discarded.

The old saying that “life is a journey” has become true in every sense of the word – and mankind has little choice but to enjoy that journey.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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