Personal data gets a price

11 Year old sues parents for the value of his social profiling data

Jayden Foley an eleven-year-old Californian student is suing his parents for the value of his leaked personal data.

Says Foley, “Through their thoughtless social media posts on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram that exposed every detail of my life, personal preferences, fashion style and demographic details, my parents effectively gifted my personal data profile to those social networks, without my consent. I think its only fair that I’m compensated for the value of my own data.”

“After all, the social platforms make big bucks from selling my personal data to advertisers. I just want my cut of the profits they are all making off me. If my parents had been smart enough to sell my data to the online platforms, and put the income in a trust fund for me, well, that would be a different story.”

In a statement to the press, Foley’s lawyer, Annabella Price, partner at Khan, Price and Koffman Attorneys, indicated that Foley’s is not the first case of this nature she has dealt with.

“My practice has been inundated with requests from minors wanting to sue their parents for personal data and privacy violation compensation. In some cases, my clients want compensation for emotional damage or libel for reputational effects resulting from compromising images published in the public domain by their guardians.”

“In Foley’s case, my client only wants just compensation for the market value of his personal data. We are prepared to settle out of court for US$ 2.3 million, which we feel is fair value for a lifetime’s worth of comprehensive profiling data.”

If Foley wins his landmark case, it will set a precedent on the value of personal data. It will also, most likely, unleash a tsunami of similar cases as savvy Generation Alpha tweens attempt to extract money from their Millennial parents.

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