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Google’s planned merger with Amazon has regulators in a tizz

It seems that the proposed merger is just one step too far for the European Union.

“Google has pictures of our homes and can track our every movement. Amazon knows our product choices, shopping habits and financial information. Together they can read our emails and know many of the secrets of our private lives.

Never in history have two companies known so much about us. Together they will turn from a utility into a privacy menace.” This is a direct quote from the position paper now being considered.

Combine Google’s mail, calendar and contact facilities with the use of Google Maps, Google Phone’s Latitude service and they know exactly where you have considered going, where you are going, when you get there, who your best friends are, who’s going with you and what you say to each other.

Now add in everything that Amazon knows about your shopping habits and financial details and you get a pretty good picture of the ‘you’ that very few people, and not even many governments, have access to.

Google licenses Amazon’s referral technology and has cornered 40% of the internet advertising market in many regions as a result. Amazon’s retail dominance now covers as wide a spectrum as Wal-Mart.

The power of the new merged entity will give many other companies extensive access to information about you, me and the world we inhabit.

This will be the biggest repository of human behaviors ever assembled. Couple this with our medical information and you have the world of Minority Report and The Matrix, decades earlier than imagined.

GooglZon will be a massive new force, whether for good or evil will have to be seen. As things stand at the moment, the EU has already decided that it is evil, and that the merger should not go ahead.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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